Abraham J. Perlstein

Of Counsel

Abe is Of Counsel to Technology Practice Group and has over twenty years technology and e-commerce related legal experience. Abe received his J.D. degree from the Touro College, Jacob D. Fuschberg Law Center in 1996. Prior to his affiliation with Technology Practice Group, Abe was in-house counsel at New York Life Insurance Company for six years and Merrill Lynch for four years. Abe has expertise in a wide range of transactions spanning consulting, data, outsourcing, telecom and related technology agreements. Prior to his admission to the Bar, Abe was a computer programmer for fifteen years.

Abe’s publications include:

  • Estate Planning (Warren, Gorman and Lamont): Intensive Future Care Planning for a Disabled Child October 2000
  • Multimedia and Technology Licensing Law Report, West Group: Software Licensing Compliance May 1998
  • Computer Law Association: Allocation of Income for Intangible Property in a Controlled Transaction November 1997
  • The New York Trial Lawyers Association - Bill of Particular: Web Sites for the Busy Lawyer September 1997
  • Citicorp Intranet: Software Licensing Compliance, Policy and Procedure July 1997
  • Journal of the Suffolk Academy of Law: Microsoft and Its Antitrust Violations Winter 1996

Abraham J. Perlstein, Esq.
Phone: (516) 932-4300, Ext. 265
Cell: (212) 858-9289
Email: ap@technologypracticegroup.com