Press Reviews

Article From: New York Law Journal

Three of the chapters -- Chapters 2, 3 and 5 -- are particularly insightful. Chapter 2 includes a review of the process of preparing a requirements definition, focusing on identifying the capabilities needed for the management information system. Monassebian instructs the reader that the requirements definition is extremely important, and attention should be focused on it since it can later be used as a basis for the request for proposal. Chapter 3 provides the user with a balanced discussion of software options including benefits and disadvantages of prepackaged, customized and custom computer software, so that a businessman can decide which type of software is best for his business needs. Chapter 5 provides an excellent discussion for the uninformed on alternatives to traditional implementation of directly purchased computer hardware and the licensing of computer software, such as outsourcing alternatives. It also provides a discussion of tax and escrow considerations associated with these procurement options.

Article From: Crain's New York Business

The decision to purchase a new computer system is the first step in what is usually a massive project, with many phases. A well-written contract will help the project run smoothly, resulting in a successful system installation. And if there are problems, the contract will also provide the resolution guidelines. It can save the customer from being stuck with a useless system. Mr. Monassebian offers information and advice in his new book,
A Survival Guide to Computer Contracts.

Article From: Ohio Lawyer

The book contains recommended contract clauses and analysis covering all aspects of a computer system procurement agreement. There are 11 sample agreements, a sample request for information, and a sample request for proposal in the appendix section.
The concise guide should serve as a useful tool for business executive, manager, attorneys and in-house counsel to accomplish their task of contracting for a desirable business computer system.